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School Lunch Menu 
The daily breakfast & lunch menus can be found on the Café LA website along with current pricing

Free-Reduced Price Meals Applications are now online! Meal applications were mailed to households over the summer; It is now possible to access the free-reduced price meal applications and submit them online.
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Find out what FoVG has on the Calendar for this Year. Visit out calendar page to see all the we have planned for the upcoming year. Our online calendar can be accessed here

Peanut Policy
Please support us!!! Due to severe peanut allergies, we request that snacks and lunches be PEANUT FREE! Thank you for your support!

We are no longer recycling the Capri Sun pouches nor the Lunchables trays. 

Report Odors
The AQMD has a hotline for reporting unwanted odors from the Sunshine Canyon Landfill.

Any time you feel the air quality around the school is less than desirable,  PLEASE CALL 1-800-CUT-SMOG (1-800-288-7664).
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Van Gogh API Scores on the Rise!
We are thrilled to announce that our API scores increased by another 4 points to achieve a score of 935.  Congratulations to all, this is a tremendous achievement! (Based on 2012-2013 Academic Year)

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Van Gogh PTO Meeting Agenda
September 2, 2015
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Van Gogh Library

Scrip Incident of 2014  - 6:00 p.m.
  • Background
  • Next Steps
Voting Procedures of Elected Executive Board Members  - 6:15 p.m.
  • Review procedures for electing new executive board member
  • Authority of individual members
  • Next Steps
Review of PTO By-laws - 6:30 p.m.
  • Review current by-laws
  • Authority of individual members
  • Next Steps
Principal Comments  - 6:45 p.m.

Adjournment  - 7:00 p.m.

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  PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE                                           August 2014

Dear Van Gogh Families,

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!! It is going to be an amazing year for all of us. Our first weeks at school have been great! It was wonderful to see such a great turnout to Back to School Night, the PTO Meeting, and the Principal’s Chat.  It is through our collaboration that we continue to provide a wonderful environment to learn and grow here at Van Gogh Charter. 

Our Leadership Council is a decision-making council that is made up of parents and teachers.  It meets seven times during the school year.  We have three vacant parent positions this year.  Please consider making a 2-year commitment.  If you are interested, please submit a candidate statement that tells a little bit about yourself and why you would like to serve on the council. 

I am still very concerned about our students’ safety during drop-off and dismissal.  There are several cars that continue to double park and make U-turns in front of the school.  I am also concerned about the many parents that are crossing with their children in the middle of the street instead of using the crosswalks.  Let’s be safe first before we are sorry. 

On behalf of our students and staff I would like to express our gratitude to Tamar Galatzan, LAUSD Board Member who brightened up the beginning of the school year by providing each classroom with a new laptop and 5 iMacs for our computer lab.  We will also be receiving new playground benches and new mats for our doorways.  Together we make Van Gogh an incredible school!!

This year our 3rd-5th graders will be taking the Smarter Balanced State exams on the computer.  To support them PTO has funded an additional day of computer lab so that they can visit the lab weekly. 

This is going to be a great year!  I look forward to continue working with all of you and to building relationships with all of our new families!


Pamela Merloni


Be sure to add our google calendar to your bookmarks!

Monday Morning Assembly Information
Were you aware that there is a school-wide assembly every Monday morning after the first bell?  Ms. Merloni, along with the Student Council officers announce important school news and events, present awards (including weekly "Caught Being Good" awards), and review the monthly Pillar of Character.  Please join us for these brief Monday morning sessions and stay informed of upcoming activities and information.


Take a few minutes to watch this brief video clip to learn how you can help Van Gogh raise more funds as you do your regular, weekly shopping:

Ralphs logo
Ralphs Community Contribution Program
Ralphs Shoppers:  Print this attached letter (print entire letter, not just the bar code) to your local Ralphs store the next time you go shopping and hand it to the cashier to scan within your transaction IN ADDITION to your Ralphs Rewards Card or phone number (alt ID) that is linked to your rewards card.  Within 72 hours, you will start giving a percentage of your shopping trip back to Van Gogh.  The school name will not appear on your eligible receipts, but you will see the words "LOYALTY DIV" on your receipt.
5 Reasons to Volunteer at Your Child's School
One of the things that makes Van Gogh Charter so special is the amazing network of volunteers that do so in whatever capacity they are able.  From room parents, to PE volunteers, to those who do special projects for teachers in the evening... this article touches on the ways that a few hours of your time can make a big impact on the school community, and on your child's experience at Van Gogh!

Do you have any party favors left over?  Unopened Kid's Meal toys?  Did you see anything cute at the 99¢ Store or the dollar bins at Target?  We welcome donations for our "Caught Being Good" prize box!
Safety First!
As we start the new year, please remember to observe all traffic laws including those against jaywalking and double parking. Observe safe speeds around the school. Take the time to stop fully. Please set a good example for your student!

Please review the "Driving & Parking Around Van Gogh" sheet to avoid getting ticketed for reckless driving or parking violations.

Please don’t ask your children to break the law – we all need to lead by example and be good role models for our children! 


In 2013, Van Gogh father and police officer and his friend, Eric Rosoff, a retired Burbank Police Office specializing in school safety, made a wonderful presentation about school safety at the PTO General meeting.


For those of you who could not be at the meeting, to view the presentation by CLICK HERE.

  1. Here are a few of the team’s top recommendations for parents:  Be sure you have your most current phone number logged with the school for use in emergencies.  This is the number that will receive a call in the case of a school emergency.  See Nancy in the Office if you want to check or change your emergency phone number.
  2. Sign up for text updates to your phone or email address from NIXLE, the police department’s incident reporting system.  You will get messages about incidents happening in other areas but it will be a good information source if there is ever an emergency on campus.  You can access Nixle here:  http://www.nixle.com
  3. Talk to your kids about safety in an age-appropriate way and continue to have the conversation regularly and when world events occur.  Here is a link with some helpful advice on talking to your kids about safety:
  4. http://www.childquest.org/Safety%20tips%20for%20KIDS.html
  5. Host home fire drills to help keep your family safe.  Here is a resource about home fire drills: http://www.nfpa.org/itemDetail.asp?categoryID=406&itemID=17735&cookie_test=1
  6. If you do get a call telling you there has been an emergency at school, please listen closely to what you have been instructed to do.
Changes in the Charter Enrollment Policies

There have recently been some changes in the enrollment policies for schools such as Van Gogh, who have become Charter since 2011.  All students who are currently enrolled (with the exception of anyone who has falsified their address) will be considered permanent members of our school and will no longer be required to file for permits.  However, the District will no longer allow the school to prioritize sibling permits.  Therefore, families who do not live in the residential area of the school will be required to fill out a lottery application for all new children who they wish to attend the school. This does not apply to children who live within the school's boundaries.   

These changes in policy are beyond the school's control.  We believe that siblings should always be allowed to attend the same school. However, we must follow the directives of the District.  We apologize for the hardship this may cause some of our families.

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